45 minutes

I don´t know why my life develops in 45 minute spells. Maybe it is because back in school classes were 45 minutes each with a 10 minute break inbetween. 11 years of school would do that to you, I guess.

Maybe. But whatever the reason is, I find it difficult to concetrate on a single task for longer than 45 minutes, even the ones I enjoy. When I go jogging I am usually exhausted at the 45 minute mark and when I paint, I find myself unable to continue much longer than that.

Sunbathing at the beach 45 minutes before the sun starts feeling scorchy, when I get up in the morning I need that time for coffee and preparing for my day, cooking beyond that starts to be annoying, movies as well. That might be the reason I love documentaries: they round the 42minute mark.

Sure, it is not mathematical and add my girlies to the mix, minutes turn easily in hours and days, yet one thing I know: If I don´t have 45 minutes for myself each day, I feel disconnected and confused.

What is your time frame?

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