We create art your clients will love

At Urbanground we create original art for your business or home. We specialize in high quality canvas paintings for interior design professionals, hotels, restaurants, retail and commercial spaces and public buildings.

In an era when everything is immitable, duplicable and downloadable set your business aside with impactful images, that your clients will notice and remember.

Science has established long ago that even if we don´t realize it on a conscious level we are inevitably affected by our enviornment. Color, smell, temperature, sound – they all affect the way we perceive spaces and remember experiences.

Yet, it is an area that offen receives the least amount of attention, as practicallity prevails over psychology. More often than not, color palettes are chosen based on price, not on their capability to influence a person´s mood or disposition and even more often than not visual art gets relegated to the end of the list, where quality and quantity will be determined by the remaining budget for the project.

At Urbanground we believe art is an integral part of our surroundings. It is also low maintenance and easy to change with our ever changing reality so it reflects the image we want to project to our guests, customers or business partners.

We offer original custom paintings, fit to size and color to your needs, we also regularly update our current collection with new pieces as they become available.

Please check out our gallery at https://urbanground.art/2020/06/09/galeria-de-imagenes/ and drop us a line at urbangroundart@outlook.com for any custom projects.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

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