We create art your clients will love

At Urbanground we create original art for your business or home. We specialize in high quality canvas paintings for interior design professionals, hotels, restaurants, retail and commercial spaces and public buildings. In an era when everything is immitable, duplicable and downloadable set your business aside with impactful images, that your clients will notice and remember.... Continue Reading →

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Acrylic paints steal the show

Acrylic paints are fast-drying water soluble paints, which become water resitant when dry. They allow for different textures and looks and could resemble water color, gouache and oil painting, depending on how much water is used to dilute. Good bye months of drying time which allow for fast execution and delivery times.

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5 Ways to Jump-Start the New Year

Small changes you can make to your environment today to get the flow going Christmas and New Year´s celebration are now behind us. We were expecting to feel a rush of energy and hope with the entrance of the New Year yet one week has already quickly gone by and everything feels the same: like... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To Go On a Staycation

The benefits of staying near home The holiday season is again upon us and many of us didn´t even get a vacation this year! The news are stock- piled with restrictions, confinements, lay-offs, unemployment and general end-of-the-world, next-economic- crisis scenarios , while we shudder behind our morning coffee or afternoon tea typing away at our... Continue Reading →

Hotels are the new enterpreneurs

You probably know by now, that we at Urbanground love working with hotels and for hotels and we follow closely what is happening in that sector. For a very long time hotels had an established and clear cut business model - to offer a home away from home to travelers and vacationers. The hotel experience... Continue Reading →

City by the sea

Blue is a color that invokes calmness, tranquility and stability. But not at sunset! At sunset the blue sky melts into the blue of the sea with sparkling lava of burning lights: a city scape that sizzles and energizes. City by the sea, acrylic on canvas, 120x60 cm

Art of the week

Ciudad Condal This art piece is inspired by the eternal and yet ever changing beauty of Barcelona. Our great city didn´t go unscathed by this year´s pandemic. Here the streets are usually packed with tourists, the clinging of glassware in the air from the numerous food joints and the laughter of people having a good... Continue Reading →

L´Argilaguet 9 – when art and food collide

Interview with Pau Lope - enterpreneur and patron of the arts Amongst mayhem and unprecedented worlwide pandemic this last year has been anything but stable or progressive. Many things have changed in the way we live, work, communicate and socialize with each other. Art, like many other aspects of our daily life, has been severely... Continue Reading →

Colors of Fall

Two colors to watch out for this autumn Autumn is upon us and with it the desire for cosy and inviting surroundings. Contrasting the outdoorsy summer with its leafy streets, blue skies and sandy beaches autumn invites us to slow down for more laid back at-home activities and afternoons  around the fireplace  with family and... Continue Reading →

Best colors for home-studying classroom

As kids around the world are going back to school this week, parents ache silently in anxiety over how many uninterrupted work days they are going to get, before they get called into school to pick up their children again. This autumn class presence is surrounded by controversy and uncertain and many are getting mentally... Continue Reading →

The Universe

The immensity of our Universe has always tickled the imagination and creativity of writers, poets, film-makers and artists. Contrasting dark blues and golden-silver whites, it has been a subject of many a photographic representations. Its colors infuse endless inspiration for artistic depiction and, on a more spiritual level, its vastness is a symbol of never... Continue Reading →

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