We create art your clients love

At Urbanground we create original art for your business or home. We specialize in high quality canvas paintings for interior design professionals, hotels, restaurants, retail and commercial spaces and public buildings. In an era when everything is immitable, duplicable and downloadable set your business aside with impactful images, that your clients will notice and remember.... Continue Reading →

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Acrylic paints steal the show

Acrylic paints are fast-drying water soluble paints, which become water resitant when dry. They allow for different textures and looks and could resemble water color, gouache and oil painting, depending on how much water is used to dilute. Good bye months of drying time which allow for fast execution and delivery times.

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How to keep your minimalist design stylish

The minimalist lifestyle is more popular nowadays than it has ever been before. There is an ever increasing stream of design and fashion gurus who swear by ¨less is more¨each day, all the while social media influencers can not manage to declutter their apartments and decrease their wordly posessions fast enough, so they can edit... Continue Reading →

Vintage or modern?

You have your design ready, yet you are not sure whether to use classic images in your art like landscapes and portraits or go super modern and destructured. When in doubt, it might be a good bet to go abstract or semi-abstract. Abstract paintings offer a variety of interpretations by the individual viewer and versatile... Continue Reading →

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