5 Ways to Jump-Start the New Year

Small changes you can make to your environment today to get the flow going

Christmas and New Year´s celebration are now behind us. We were expecting to feel a rush of energy and hope with the entrance of the New Year yet one week has already quickly gone by and everything feels the same: like nothing has changed and nothing will ever change.

Isolated at home with little social interraction and limited contact with family, friends, colleagues or clients, time is slowly slipping away, leaving us disheartened and a little depressed. We try to stay secretly optimistic, but the days file on and nothing new seems to be happening and we would do anything, so life can resume forward motion again, somehow.

What if I tell you that there are ways to shift the energy in your life and invite new happenings by making a few easy arrangements around your house and your daily routine today?

Here are a few proven ways to bring fresh flow and energy into your surroundings and jump-start receiving new relationships, new opportunities and new blessings into your life.

Declutter. Much has been said about decluttering and getting rid of unused items and there are many theories and methods on how to do it best and the reason for that is that is that it works every time! Decluttering frees up available space in your home or office for the creative energies to circulate freely and allows you to re-focus and re-direct what is important in your life.

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So, grab a big plastic bag or two and pile in anything you haven´t used in a year or so, anything that you don´t like any more, anything that you are keeping for some imprecise future moment that never comes. And yes, those jeans from when you were 14 that you are hoping to get into some day when you, really, really go on a diet: they need to go too! They need to go first!

Decluttering not only frees space in your wardrobe and cupboards but allows your mind to free space in your head as well, putting order in your priorities and shining light on new opportunities and avenues to personal prosperity. If you are in need of a little inspiration check out Joan Brady´s book God on a Harley (and spoiler alert: it is not really about God or Harleys:).

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Check your feng-shui. And I am not talking about putting up special charms and configurations into place, although if you are a feng-shui buff or you are intrigued by the subject feel free to dive in that as well, it can only help! What I mean is much more practical: go around your house or apartment and notice how each spot and corner of your place feels! The fancy term for that is energy-testing and there are a whole range of gadgets you can use to do that, but you really don´t need any of them. Just relax, focus and allow your body to feel the space around you.

Chances are you already know where these problem areas are: that awkward spot by the kitchen that you always trip, that shelf that makes you wanna trash it to pieces every time you need to grab something from it, that overflowing wardrobe that can never fully open, because something is blocking its doors, that armchair that you never sit in because you start feeling panicky the moment you (try to) relax in it.

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Re-arrange. Now that you have identified all the mis-aligned areas, move your furniture around until it feels right. Easier said than done, I know, but totally worth it. The space you live in and spend most of your time in ( your home or your office) reflects the state of your life in that precise moment and you want it always to flow, you want it to be airy and transitable so new creative and loving energies can easily circulate around it.

Tip: throw away any small furniture pieces that have outlived their purpose: you know, that plastic shoe rack you bought three apartments ago and you are still dragging around by habit although you have enough shoe space in your current apartment; that array of mismatched side tables that you never really liked but you can´t stomach to throw away because they were expensive.

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If you are really honest with yourself your small chest of drawers or single night stand no longer serve their purpose and severely damage your decor intentions and energy flow. Remember you should only keep things that you absolutely love! If you are afraid you are going to lose too much storage space, try this: instead of a few small furniture pieces consider a bigger credenza or bookshelf that would fit all your belongings nicely and free the rest of the space for a harmonious and flowing environment.

Try it, you will notice the difference immediatly!

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Make a list. Now go around your house and make a list of all the things that need some fixing: chipped paint, broken bulbs, loose doorknobs, broken cabinet doors, missing handles etc. Once you have that list you start working on it a little bit every time you can until everything is properly repaired. Make a habit out of it and regularly add and cross off any new wear and tears that will innevitably appear with time and use.

A few blotches of chipped paint or a broken door handle may not sound like a big deal but tolerating things in your home that are broken, tarnished or worn out dictates to our subconscious mind that we conform. That we are willing to accept things that are less than perfect, less than optimal, less than what we truly deserve. It happens slowly but inevitably and overtime we are overwhelmed with less than perfect partners or life situations, only because we have allowed ourselves to conform with the little things that were wrong in our surroundings thus unknowingly conforming with the big important ones as well. If you haven´t read it yet, Malcolm Gladwell´s The tipping point: How little things can make a big difference can give you some more insight on the subject.

Putting your surroundings in tip-top shape is sending out a message to the Universe /Higher Consciousness/ God that you are now unwilling to accept anything that is below standard and that will reflect on your life on many unsuspected levels.

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Change your wall decorations. I know what you think, we make on-demand artwork, so of course I am gonna say that. But think about it, you change your clothes daily and you buy new outfits monthly, probably even weekly, but your walls always display the same old art you put up when you first moved in 10 years ago.

Art like everything else is energy and everything that surrounds us influences our mood and attitude whether we realize it or not. Reviewing periodically your wall art is a fine way to always keep your surroundings inspiring and optimally charged with uplifting energies. Art is easily available in all shapes and forms and for all kinds of budgets and you can always DIY. If you are not feeling crafty, reserach local artists, check out online platforms and find those whose art resonates with you: those are the ones you want on your walls.

If you cannot afford new art in this moment, swapping art from room to room and even exchanging pieces with friends and family can give your home a very uplifting makeover without complicated renovations.

If art is not your thing, consider painting a wall or two in your favourite colors. Color is an excellent way to refresh your environment and invite change!

Note: If you are planning to move or sell your house in the following months do that process anyhow. Potential buyers will feel your efforts and perceive the energy shift. Just maybe, stay away from crazy bright colors and do more pastel ones instead:).

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