Abstract vegetation art, Acrylic on Canvas

5 Ways to Jump-Start the New Year

Small changes you can make to your environment today to get the flow going Christmas and New Year´s celebration are now behind us. We were expecting to feel a rush of energy and hope with the entrance of the New Year yet one week has already quickly gone by and everything feels the same: like…

5 Reasons To Go On a Staycation

The benefits of staying near home The holiday season is again upon us and many of us didn´t even get a vacation this year! The news are stock- piled with restrictions, confinements, lay-offs, unemployment and general end-of-the-world, next-economic- crisis scenarios , while we shudder behind our morning coffee or afternoon tea typing away at our…

Hotels are the new enterpreneurs

You probably know by now, that we at Urbanground love working with hotels and for hotels and we follow closely what is happening in that sector. For a very long time hotels had an established and clear cut business model – to offer a home away from home to travelers and vacationers. The hotel experience…

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