The next best thing to plants is going green

Colourful paintings inspired in nature for an abundant and exotic interior

The 2019 outbreak of the now infamous Corona virus has us all spending more time at home than ever.

Kitchens became our coffee shops, terraces our lounge rooms and living rooms a place to socialize via high-speed internet.

We want our space to feel exuberant and beautiful and plants are an easy an inexpensive way to achieve this. They come in all sorts of bright colours and shapes and bring nature in our homes.

Photo by cottonbro on

Yet, what happens if we are too busy to regularly take care of them or more often we don´t have the space to put in a garden or the light it needs to thrive?

Yeah, you got it! Pick up a leafy green painting!

Green is a cool color that is known to have calming and refreshing effect and is associated with nature, good luck and health. Combined with blue, orange, yellow and fucsia it uplifts the room´s energy into vibrancy and abundance.

So pick up a bright-coloured painting from a local artist and boost up the vibe in your space. 0 water needed!

Plus, unlike plants, paintings: you can put them just about anywhere!

Abstract palm trees, Urbanground Art
Contemporary vegetation painting by Urbanground Art
Abstract palm tree, available on Etsy at Urbanground Art

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