Energy and art

Why does love matter?

We all know when we see a painting we love, but how do we know if that is the one we need?

Famous is the tale of the couple that picked up two scary wood masks while on a safari in Africa. They went back home and gave one of the masks to their best friends, another family they spent a lot of time with and were also in business with.

Shortly after trouble started: the families began arguing and distancing from each other, the partnership started suffering, the business went bankrupt and long story short: both families disintegrated from within and ended up divorcing.

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It was then, while gathering his things from the family home, the husband laid eyes on the mask on the wall. Something nudged him and he researched the masks of this African village. Imagine his surprise when he found out that those masks represented twin spirits, that chased away bad energies and demons from the place they were decorating, but only if they were together. Separating them sort of turned them on each other and evoked bad luck and trouble all around and boy, did he learn that the hard way!

Sure enough, he and his wife didn´t know that when they bought the wood masks from the local market and only wanted to take a piece of their adventure home and share it with their friends.

A little bit dramatic, I know, but this illustrates a point: absolutely everything in the world has energy and so does art. Sure enough, we cannot investigate everything about every single piece we lay our eyes on, or know intimate details about who, how and what intentions they had when they made their art. What we can make sure is that we choose art whose energy connects to ours on a positive level: choose art that you love!

Often people pick art that is fashionable in the moment or one that they do not understand, but somebody recommended. Yet it doesn´t speak to them.

It is known that love as a feeling, along gratitute, has one of the the highest frequencies of vibration (unlike sadness, anger or fear which occupy the lowest part of the energy spectrum). Whether you feel it or not (some people are more sensitive to energies than others) the predominant feeling a painting or piece of art evokes will over time affect your mood and temper. Since art is usually placed in high traffic areas ( or simply put where you will see it a lot) it can majorly modify the energy in the space and the disposition and attitudes of those who occupy it.

So, when you find a painting you like, first imagine the place it will take and sense how it feels to have it there. Does it feel light and airy or stuffy and oppressive? Does it make you dismal and thoughtful? Or does it make you joyful and adventurous?

Pick a painting that makes you happy when you look at it, a painting that makes you stop for a second when you walk by or fills your heart with ideas and inspiration.

It doesn´t have to be perfect, it doesn´t need to be expensive and it doesn´t need to be famous in order to lift up your world.

You only need to love it!

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