5 Ways to Jump-Start the New Year

Small changes you can make to your environment today to get the flow going Christmas and New Year´s celebration are now behind us. We were expecting to feel a rush of energy and hope with the entrance of the New Year yet one week has already quickly gone by and everything feels the same: like... Continue Reading →

L´Argilaguet 9 – when art and food collide

Interview with Pau Lope - enterpreneur and patron of the arts Amongst mayhem and unprecedented worlwide pandemic this last year has been anything but stable or progressive. Many things have changed in the way we live, work, communicate and socialize with each other. Art, like many other aspects of our daily life, has been severely... Continue Reading →

Energy and art

Why does love matter? We all know when we see a painting we love, but how do we know if that is the one we need? Famous is the tale of the couple that picked up two scary wood masks while on a safari in Africa. They went back home and gave one of the... Continue Reading →

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