We create art your clients love

At Urbanground we create high quality canvas paintings with your chosen theme and color scheme. Not sure? Tell us your idea and we would provide you with options to get you started on your decorating or renovation journey.

Acrylic paints steal the show

Acrylic paints are fast-drying water soluble paints, which become water resitant when dry. They allow for different textures and looks and could resemble water color, gouache and oil painting, depending on how much water is used to dilute. Good bye months of drying time which allow for fast execution and delivery times.

Do you have a big project?

You have a hotel, an apartment building or multi-unit office space to decorate on your hands and you are worried about getting 100+ paintings for your design? Worry not! We will study, create and send you the perfect art in time.

Vintage or modern?

You have your design ready, yet you are not sure whether to use classic images in your art like landscapes and portraits or go super modern and destructured. When in doubt, it might be a good bet to go abstract or semi-abstract. Abstract paintings offer a variety of interpretations by the individual viewer and versatile... Continue Reading →

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